H&S Insider Secrets: How to Find Recipes

In the catering business, it is all about the inspiration of what to cook. We find it so fun and challenging to convert a dish we love into a large-scale production recipe. When our owner, Jessica, finally perfects a recipe, she can’t wait to share it with our clients. 

It’s safe to say that food is our passion; we truly put our heart and soul into it! But how does a catering company come up with these recipes to cook? Here’s an insider secret… it looks a lot like what you’re already doing. Our cooking is truly “from our family to yours,” as many of the recipes come from meals we’ve made for our loved ones or vice versa. 

Although Jessica hardly ever follows a recipe to a T, she shares where she gets her inspiration to bring the best options to your event. If you’re a background noise person, that is usually how it starts for her – with either a cooking podcast or tv show. 

Other than that, one resource we use that helps connect us with our clients is Pinterest. Yes, you read that right! Pinterest is the best tool for the client and us to get on the same page while also bringing awesome ideas. So keep saving those recipes to your board and let’s talk about them. 

The next two resources are your tried and true: cookbooks and good ol’ Google. A cookbook is Jessica’s favorite gift to receive and she has plenty to pull recipes from. As for Google, we are loving the feature that takes a picture and then searches the image. This was definitely a life changer! We may have spent an entire day messing around with looking up recipes, event design, buffet set-ups, etc. You name it!

All these resources influence what your finalized menu will look like for your event. Creating a menu is Jessica’s favorite part because she can learn about different cuisines and their different flavors and techniques. 

With our expertise, let’s partner together to create an unforgettable event with a menu to rave about. Schedule a consultation today

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