Holiday Hosting Hacks (You’ll Thank Us Later!)

Allow us to set the scene. 

This year you’re hosting family gatherings for the holiday season and although you’re excited, there’s much to be done. A week in advance, you start cleaning to ensure every inch of the house is spotless. The two days before the gathering are dedicated to cooking to feed the masses. We all know this rolls over into the day of and you’re rushing to get it all done but not before there are knocks on the door. The family’s here. EARLY. 

So, now you’re juggling the entertaining AND cooking and should we mention? You aren’t even dressed for the company yet! 

Do you feel the anxiety yet? The holidays should be something to look forward to, not dread because of all the tasks to be done. At Heart & Soul, we want to lighten the load with our new service – Cuisine On The Go. 

Reassign the time-consuming task of cooking to us. We’re glad to take it! It’s actually our specialty. Focus on what truly matters these holiday seasons – family. Our new service is specifically for online catering orders and will save you a headache or two. We’d say that’s worth it, wouldn’t you? 

There are two main options for this service:

  • Disposable drop-off: Food in disposable catering ware. 
  • Advantage: Fewer dishes, DUH!
  • Limited-service buffet: 2-hour service for 40-200 people. 
  • Advantage: It’s an entertaining plus. 

We’re so excited to cater to you and your families in this way! Now, let’s get down to the serious questions. What’s on the menu? 

Cuisine On The Go options and holiday menu include: 

  • Traditional breakfast buffet
  • BBQ pulled pork buffet
  • Deli buffet
  • Entree buffet
  • Breakfast taco buffet
  • Street taco buffet
  • Enchilada buffet 
  • Holiday buffet

Buffet galore! It doesn’t get much better than that. Place your order now.

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