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It’s time for the client and the caterer to get on the same page. Let’s save the day-of surprises and find out what you should really know BEFORE booking a caterer. 

Consider this your how-to guide to the catering business. Our job is to make your event as great as possible but we can’t do that without your vision. So, here are some things to ask before hiring that caterer. 

  • Are there any additional fees related to food or drink service?
  • How long will the caterer be present on the day of the event?
  • Will there be a point of contact for your event? If so, who?
  • Will this point of contact be part of the planning process such as the consultation, tasting and etc? 

All fundamental aspects to address – the more you know the better. These questions will align you and your caterer to be working toward the same end goal. Not to mention, these questions also directly impact your budget. And with any event, that is one thing you don’t want to mess up! As a caterer, we don’t mind – in fact, we WISH you would share your thoughts on the budget. 

So what about us? What are our answers to these questions?

Well at Heart & Soul, we like to do it differently. Our additional fees show up for drop-offs and non-full service events so that clients can hit their minimum. For full-service events, we only charge per plate. Although our price per plate may seem higher than most, it already includes all additional fees that occur. Whereas other caterers charge a number of fees after. 

Like what?

  • Extended service fee: In case, you’d like non-alcoholic beverages throughout your event and not solely during dinner service.
  • Additional staff fee: The price per plate could only include the staff needed for the buffet service. If you want staff throughout your event there will be an additional charge.
  • Set up and clean up fee: Sometimes there are multiple charges in this realm. 
  • Add-on fee: If you stray from the package price, there could be a fee for customizing your event. 

Let us reiterate – our price per plate already includes what these additional fees are. This makes it easier to plan that budget and stick to it! Onto the next question: how long will the caterer be present on the day of the event? Depending on the type of event, our caterer will be there for four to six hours. 

No need to worry when the caterer heads out – we have a whole team to back them up. At Heart & Soul, we have four different positions as part of your planning process. They all work together to keep your event running smoothly. 

Who are they?

The event manager: this person is with you from start to finish – literally. They are with you from initial contact, consultation, tastings and the day of the event. 

  • They plan through consultation and tasting sheets
  • Build your estimate
  • Follow up with vendors
  • Make sure staff is prepared and trained for your specific event.

The account manager: This person will handle all things payment, from questions to processing. 
The culinary or kitchen coordinator

  • They will schedule and plan tastings
  • Will make sure all food and drink are prepared to your specifications
  • Makes sure that everything is following the timeline the event manager and yourself put together 
  • The event supervisor: The finishing touch – will partner with your event manager to make sure our services are carried out to perfection!

Event planning is stressful. You need someone on your side and our team has your back! Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation today. 

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