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It doesn’t need to be complicated. Here is a minor breakdown of how our consultations work. A guide so you can come prepared and leave no stone left unturned. 

How do people hear about us?

  • Wedding planner referrals
  • Venue referrals
  • Winery referrals
  • Social media
  • And hey – our website! 

Let us know how you found us in the comments below!

No matter how you came to us – it’s time to talk about your special day. In other words, schedule that consultation! Did we mention it’s free?

How do I do that?

  • A request through our website homepage
  • Social media channels
  • Email
  • Phone call 

Good news – we’ve received your request! What’s next? We will contact you to discuss the services you’re looking for and your event dates and then schedule a time that works best to build an estimate. So, have that planner/calendar handy! 

Fast forward to consultation day.

We offer our consultation meetings either in-person or over the phone. Bring all your questions and information you’d like to share with us!

What will we discuss? 

  • Menu items concerning food and beverage services
  • A rough timeline of your event
  • Service needed throughout the event
  • Desired set-up

Industry tip: The key to having your event go smoothly is to have everyone on the same page in all aspects, including menu, timeline, service, and the big one – budget. 

Now you can sit back and relax – at least in this area of planning. We look forward to working with you!

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