A Year-End Reflection by Heart & Soul Cuisine

Are you choosing a one-word resolution for 2022? If you haven’t heard of this concept yet, essentially it’s the practice of selecting one word to focus on throughout the new year. 

For example, if your word is “disciplined,” you might strive to build better habits and make deliberate choices that will help you achieve your personal goals in the year ahead. 

We have always loved this idea! But today, we are doing something a little different. We are choosing one word to encompass the year BEHIND us. And for Heart & Soul Cuisine, that word is grace.

Over the past twelve months, I (Jessica) have been blown away by the grace that has been given to me, as the owner of Heart & Soul Cuisine. At times, I have not felt worthy of it, but YOU – my customers, staff, fellow vendors, friends, and of course, my family – have shown me endless amounts of grace, and for that, I will be forever grateful!

With just a few days left in 2021, I haven’t quite decided what my “word for 2022” will be, but I can say – with certainty – that the grace I received this year has inspired me to have more patience on a daily basis and give more people the benefit of the doubt. 

Going into the new year, I hope that people everywhere will extend more kindness to one another, and get back to the moral basics that make our world a beautiful place to live in. I hope that no matter what this year brings, that good will prevail in people’s hearts, minds, and souls.

Are you taking time to reflect on the year you’ve had? Before you choose a word of resolution for 2022, I challenge you to choose a word of reflection for 2021. And while you do, remember that your friends at Heart & Soul are wishing you a grace-filled, joy-filled, wonderful New Year!

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