Tips for Hiring a Lubbock Caterer

With the holidays just around the corner, the phrase “it’s party time” is truly no exaggeration. 

Whether you’re in charge of the office Christmas lunch, or you’re planning to have your best pals over for an intimate Friendsgiving, chances are at some point in the next few months, you’ll be taking part in a celebration of some sort. And let’s not overlook the fact that peak wedding season is upon us.

Even if you consider yourself an expert, the process of throwing a special event can feel overwhelming to say the least. There’s so much to think about – from food and drink to location and decor – and your to-do list can get scary fast.  

All of this to say, maybe it’s time to hire a Lubbock caterer to help with your event! Here are a handful of tips to help you get started:

​​Do your research.

The first step in finding a caterer is to ask for recommendations. Poll the people you know and read online reviews, as well, so you can weed out potentially unsatisfactory caterers. And in the meantime, if you happen to attend an event where the food impresses you, be sure to get the caterer’s name and number!

Check availability. 

If you already have your date nailed down, you can start calling potential caterers to see who is available. And pro tip: if you’re planning a holiday event, don’t wait any longer! Now is the time to cross “find a caterer” off your list, before the best ones are booked. 

Narrow it down.

At this point, you should be able to narrow your choices down to three. Then, go ahead and give each potential caterer a call to discuss budget, headcount, menu offerings, and everything else! Don’t forget to ask each caterer about their policies regarding guaranteed minimums and any extra costs besides food and beverages, such as utensils, linens, etc.

Know your needs. 

It’s very important to make sure that whoever you hire for your event can handle the number of people you plan to serve. It is also crucial to consider what you’ll need from your caterer. Sometimes, appetizers are enough, and other times, you’ll need five courses. Your caterer should be able to handle the size of your party with confidence, given all the details upfront.

Trust your instincts. 

Our number one tip? Go with your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular caterer, odds are you won’t have a good working relationship with him or her, no matter how good their photos might look and their samples might taste. When you find the right caterer, you’ll just know!

Still narrowing it down? Schedule a free consultation with us! At Heart & Soul Cuisine, we’re all about making your special events a time of warm-hearted service, with food prepared in the spirit of excellence. We want to leave your guests full, blessed, and loved – from our family to yours!

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