Custom, Large Group Catering in Lubbock is Our Speciality at Heart & Soul

Coordinating a large group gathering is no small task, especially if you’re in charge of all the details! Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, there are countless decisions to make and the process can go from exciting to overwhelming in five minutes flat. 

If that’s you, please hear us say – these feelings are normal and not a bad thing! They simply mean you care about your people. And when you realize that every little aspect has the ability to make or break their experience, you’ll want to make choices that reflect your heart and soul. We get that. And in our opinion, it all starts with food. 

Why? Because – little secret – happy bellies make for happy guests who feel cared for. But it’s not just the quality of the food that matters. It’s so much more than that!

When it comes to hiring a catering company for a large group gathering, you have to think beyond the menu. A good caterer must also keep calm under pressure, communicate effectively and with a variety of people, manage waitstaff, be flexible, and anticipate issues that may arise. 

At Heart & Soul Cuisine, that’s exactly what we strive for! We offer custom catering for large group gatherings in Lubbock and the surrounding areas, providing exquisite “from-scratch” foods and impeccable service for occasions of all kinds. Let’s look at some FAQs about what we can do for your large group.

How Can Heart & Soul Cuisine Help Me With My Event?

In addition to assisting with your food planning, presentation, and staffing needs, we provide full event planning services, including flower arrangements, photographers, music and entertainment, security and transportation, event design and event production from our highly recommended vendor list.

What Types Of Services Does Heart & Soul Provide?

Heart & Soul Cuisine is a full-service caterer. We handle your entire event from setup to cleanup. We offer our clients a team of highly trained professionals, including a field chef, event manager, wait/service staff and bartenders to oversee every aspect of your event so you will have the freedom to enjoy yourself and your guests. We provide client pickup and drop off options to meet your needs.

How Does Pricing Work?

At Heart & Soul, we are happy to work with any budget. All you have to do is schedule a consultation! We’ll sit down and discuss the details together before presenting you with an estimate. 

Preferred Venues In Lubbock?

We can cater anywhere a caterer is allowed, from private homes, community parks and corporate offices to event facilities large and small. But since you asked, we think the best venues in Lubbock are Eberly Brooks, English Newsom Cellars, and McPherson Cellars.

Can You Adapt Your Menus To Suit Food Restrictions?

Heart & Soul Cuisine can accommodate any special dietary concerns. Our “from-scratch” customized menus, combined with our knowledgeable culinary team, enable us to prepare any dish with the special attention required for those guests with restricted diets.

What Makes Heart & Soul Cuisine Different?

 At Heart & Soul Cuisine, we handcraft your experience, meaning from your first call through all the details to choosing menus and the venue to the very last detail, we focus on your unique needs and wishes. We work as though we are hosting our own friends and thus accept nothing less than excellence. We love what we do, and we are easy to work with.  

Do you have more questions that need answering? Check out our full FAQ page or call us if you’re ready to schedule a consultation! 

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