4 Ways to Create New Year’s Eve Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Kids Charcuterie Board

If you have kids at home, your New Year’s Eve celebrations might look different than they used to! Gone are the days of dancing the night away and taking a taxi cab home, as the dawn is breaking on a brand new year. 

But just because your New Year’s Eve party is now a family affair, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! New Year’s Eve is actually a great time to build fun traditions that your children will treasure forever. 

So… how do you make traditions that last from year to year? Well, there’s no secret recipe. But if you think about it, most of the holiday traditions that we adore can be put into one of these categories – special foods, keepsakes, outfits, and experiences to be shared with family and friends. 

In other words, all you need in order to create amazing New Year’s Eve traditions with your kids is… something special to: eat, keep, wear, and share!

Something to Eat

Okay, this one’s a no-brainer. If you’re going to keep the kids up until midnight, you’ve GOT to have something to snack on! But don’t make it harder than it has to be. Your family’s NYE food tradition could easily be:

  • ordering pizza delivery
  • snacking on a kid-friendly charcuterie
  • cooking a meal together (from the family recipe book!)

Something to Keep

Next, consider something you can keep. And we don’t mean lofty resolutions or messy DIY projects. After all, you just survived at least four weeks of holiday crafts and advent activities. We’re talking about something you can cherish; something that captures exactly who your kids were at the end of another year, such as:

  • an end-of-year questionnaire (check Pinterest for free printables!)
  • a video interview 
  • a time capsule

Something to Wear

Another fun tradition can be centered around what you wear on New Year’s Eve. Just because you’re not necessarily “going out,” doesn’t mean you can’t plan the perfect NYE outfit! Decide what fits your family’s style best and declare it a new tradition! Maybe it’s dressing up fancy in your nicest attire? Or partying in your pajamas? Or perhaps you’re all about the classic NYE glasses and hats?

  • dress up fancy 
  • party in your PJs (in true 2020 form)
  • rock those NYE glasses and hats

Something to Share

In our opinion, shared experiences make for some of the best traditions – second only to meals, of course! For many families, joining together to share a specific activity is what makes a New Year’s Eve memorable. And the more specific, the better! That way, your kids will remember that “thing” you ALWAYS did together on New Year’s Eve. It could be:

  • a board game (Jenga, Monopoly, charades?)
  • a special puzzle
  • a favorite movie 

There are so many ways to create New Year’s Eve traditions your kids will love. The most important detail is that you’re together! If you need help with the snacks, you know where to go! Order online at heartandsoullbk.com

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