A Charcuterie Board At Thanksgiving Is A Brilliant Idea: Here’s Why

Here at Heart & Soul Cuisine, we think that a charcuterie board is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, a birthday, or any random Tuesday, having one of these beautiful snack trays on the table is just plain smart, and it’s easy to see why.

Charcuterie boards can bring together a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, dips, nuts – and even sweets! And while some would argue that there are no rules to follow, we believe there’s an art to assembling these ready-to-eat centerpieces. After all, they’ve been around since the fifteenth century!

So why do you need an expertly-prepared charcuterie board at your Thanksgiving? We’ve got a long list of reasons, but here are our top three. 

A Place for Guests to Graze While They Wait 

On Thanksgiving Day, a strategically-placed charcuterie board will minimize the traffic in the kitchen, by providing a place for your hungry guests to graze. You know who we’re talking about – cousins and uncles and literally anyone who’s tired of waiting for the turkey to be done!

With a charcuterie board on the coffee table, patio, or bar, your guests will find an abundant supply of tasty things to tide them over. A Thanksgiving charcuterie board is like a modern-day cornucopia… without the horn-shaped basket.

A Healthy, Fun, & Kid-Friendly Snack Station

Speaking of hungry guests, the little ones are often the hardest to keep away from the pies, rolls, and left-over Halloween candies. Instead of letting them fill up on sweets, you can use a charcuterie board to divert their attention AND serve as a healthy snack station.

Kids (of all ages) will gaze at a charcuterie board with wide-eyed wonder and dig right in. You might be surprised to see how popular a charcuterie board can be with the younger crowd. A little pro tip: just tell them it’s “a fancy Lunchable,” then step back, and watch the stacking and snacking begin!

A Day-After-Thanksgiving Saving Grace

Whatever your family does on the day after Thanksgiving – whether it’s shopping, getting out the Christmas decor, or binging on holiday movies – a charcuterie board is exactly what the tired hostess needs to have in her fridge. Anyone who’s still stuffed from the day before will enjoy grazing at their own pace, and you’ll get a much-deserved break from the kitchen sink!

To make it effortless, order a charcuterie board from the experts here at Heart & Soul Cuisine. 

For Thanksgiving, we recommend our classic board. It’s beautifully designed with fresh fruits & veggies, hummus, dried fruits, chocolate bark, assorted nuts, artisan meats & cheeses, and assorted crackers. For a small additional cost, we can give your order a festive Thanksgiving look!

We can even deliver your charcuterie board to you, if you’re within the Lubbock city limits, or you can choose to pick up at English Newsom Cellars. Just be sure to place your order 24 hours in advance. See more details, place your order here, and have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day from all of us at Heart & Soul Cuisine!

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