Tips For Hosting a Moms’ Happy Hour at Home in 2020

Smores Board

Hey, mamas! It’s been a hard year. Can we get an amen? Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, or somewhere in-between, chances are you’ve dealt with some difficult things in 2020.

If you’re like us, you might be thinking it’s HIGH TIME for a happy hour. So raise your glass, because today we’re sharing some tips for hosting a safe and stress-free Moms’ Happy Hour in 2020!

Gather In Small Groups. When it comes to hosting a happy hour, it’s no secret that the benefits of “keeping it small” are big – pandemic or not. Smaller groups allow for better, more meaningful connections. And those are especially important right now, in a time when socializing has been strange, to say the least!

Our advice is… go for an intimate gathering. We recommend having six of your best pals over (kid-free, if possible) sometime before dinner, and ideally, within a two-hour block. That way, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up and wind down, without the added stress of serving a full-fledged meal. As a general rule of thumb, 5 to 7 p.m. is the perfect time frame for hosting a happy hour.

Keep It Simple. Let’s be honest, moms everywhere are experiencing decision fatigue on a daily basis. How do we educate our kids? How do we work? How do we play? Is it bedtime yet? We know for certain, though, that good drinks, good food, and good friends are all you need to make your Moms’ Happy Hour a success.

The key is to keep it simple… and let someone else take care of the snacks. And we don’t mean your guests! If you’re the hostess, consider ordering something delicious from Heart & Soul Cuisine. 

Charcuterie Board

Our most popular charcuterie board features an assortment of appetizing meats and cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, and savory nuts and crackers. It’s perfect for a group of six or smaller. And to make your party planning that much easier, it comes with two bottles of local wines – La Herencia Red (McPherson Cellars) and Tempranillo (English Newsom Cellars). 

Not charcuterie fans? We have S’Mores Boards and Pretzel Bars, too, if you want something extra sweet or salty. You know your group best. Just make sure you order 12 hours in advance, and we’ll drop it off at your doorstep, ready to serve! Done and done. So simple. 

Smores Board

Focus On Friendship – We can’t stress this point enough. Are you ready? It’s the most important piece of advice we’ve got: your Moms’ Happy Hour doesn’t have to be Pinterest- or Instagram-worthy. Just focus on your friends! If this were last year, we might have made a bigger deal about having a theme or going all-out with decor. But for 2020? We’re saying that less is more. 

Let the snacks be the centerpiece. Gather around the coffee table, island, or bar. Pour the wine or mix the cocktails and just enjoy being together for a bit! 

If there’s any way that we can help, please let us know. At Heart & Soul Cuisine, we’re all about making your special occasions a time of warm-hearted service, with food prepared in the spirit of excellence. We want to leave your guests full, blessed, and loved – from our family to yours! 

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