We’ve been around enough weddings by now to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. When it comes to your wedding day, even some of the most calm brides can let their nerves get the best of them. We are sharing what we think are the five most important things to do pre-wedding, starting the night before!

  1. Go to bed at a decent time – It sounds easy, but often times you have family and friends in that you haven’t seen in a while so naturally you want to hang out with them! Obviously that should be what you do, but make sure they understand that it’s important that you get your beauty rest.
  2. Wake up early enough to have a moment of reflection – Your wedding day is typically one you’ve been thinking and dreaming about for a very long time. Enjoy the moment, give yourself that extra thirty minutes to just wake up and be by yourself and reflect. Think of all the wonderful things that have led you to this exact day.
  3. Eat a hearty breakfast // brunch – We’ve seen it WAY too many times. The bride runs out of time to eat. Make sure the morning of your wedding you are eating a healthy yet filling meal that can sustain you throughout the day. This meal will definitely be the most important for you on your wedding day because you’ll actually be able to relax for a second and enjoy the food without feeling rushed. DO NOT skip this meal, we repeat, DO NOT skip this meal. If you are an Eberley Brooks bride, we have options to serve you brunch right to your bridal suite! 
  4. Jam out to your favorite tunes – Create a playlist of music that calms you and keeps your spirits up. Make sure it’s music YOU like. This day is about you and what makes you happy, so pick songs that you know and love!
  5. Breathe – At this point you’ve poured hours of hardwork and thoughtfulness to make the day special for you, your groom, and your guests. So don’t sweat the small the stuff at this point. Take it in stride and know that whatever happens, happens. The most important thing is getting down the isle, feeling great, and saying I Do to the person of your dreams. So the best way to do all of this? Just breathe.

If we are catering your wedding day meal make sure you talk to us about also catering your wedding party breakfast // brunch. We will accommodate you and your wedding party with a decadent pre-wedding meal complete with a mimosa bar. We will handle the set up, delivery, and essentials to make it seamless for you and your wedding party.

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With All My Heart & Soul,